Rates for commercial and short narrative are based off the Voices.com rates page, and also depend on the scope of the project.  Discounts are available for certain conditions, such as recurrent hiring, and paying up front.

Audiobook rates if working through ACX are as follows:
1) $200-$400 Per Finished Hour (depending on difficulty/complexity)
2) Royalty Share (high-selling books and/or with strong marketing), or
3) a hybrid of both ($100 Per Finished Hour rate + Royalty Share)

Audiobook rates for independent projects:
1) $200-$400 Per Finished Hour (depending on difficulty/complexity)
2) Based on a total Per Finished Hour estimate, increments of 25%:
– 25% down, 25% half-way through, 25% at 3/4 through, and balance due on completion of the project

Book Manuscript Proofing rates:
– $25 per 9,000 words (this equates to 1 finished hour as an audiobook)
– Books of less than 9,000 words are rounded up to $25

Please contact Anna for a quote on your project, with the words “Voiceover project” or similar, in the Subject line.  Anna@AnnaVoz.com