WonderCon 2018!

On Saturday March 24th I attended WonderCon 2018 in Anaheim, CA.  I met with several authors and publishing companies: Mythical Legends, Acorn Publishing, 7CsBooks, Genius Book Publishing, Deen Farrell, Michelle Lowe, Neo Edmund, and more. I also re-connected with authors I’d met before, including Matthew Wolf, Todd McCaffrey and the Winner Twins! I met R.A. Salvatore and discovered he and his family wrote a whole off-shoot campaign of Dungeons n Dragons (D&D), which they’ve been playing for years.  Wow, and I’ve only dipped my toes into the world of D&D, and it’s massive.

I talked with the authors and publishers about getting their books into audio, and several were interested. Some already had audiobooks, some were looking for narrators, and some already had established narrators. I got a free download of Enemy Me from Mythical Legends, as they were giving out cards, and got a potential job prospect.  After a few days, I wrote to each author and publisher I’d met and collected cards from to re-connect so they would remember me, and was rewarded when many of them wrote back!  All in all, a very good day. I even have a new Patron on my Patreon creation site!

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The Jakkattu Vector on Sale!

My audiobook “The Jakkattu Vector” by P.K. Tyler is on Audible now, go grab it here! In another day or so it will be on Amazon and iTunes too!

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Brian’s Review

I got a nice audiobook review of The Thin Wall by Brian in Brian’s Book Blog!

He says: “Anna Castiglioni brought the creepiness of the apartments to life! She captured the atmosphere perfectly and gave me chills. Her tones and voices were really easy to define and she gave each character their own personalities. She portrayed Olivia perfectly too!”

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TheStarfang Interview

Recently I did a Facebook chat interview with gaming enthusiast TheStarfang, and now that interview is up on his Blog!  We chatted about games, modding, Creation Club, and of course, voice acting!

The Starfang Interview Part 2

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Skyrim Mods Arweden Update

A Skyrim mod I’ve done a lot of voicing for, Arweden Companion, is getting an update soon!  Here is a video of a new quest, voicing by me (Arweden), and TheLoreSeeker (Carenen).

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Video Game Voice Acting

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of work on the game content I create for Skyrim.  One character is getting a complete re-voiceover, focusing on better acting, more authentic accent, and uniformity of pitch and volume.  I tell you, being an audiobook narrator has taught me a few things about consistency, both in performance, and in post-production!

This mod update will be available Friday September 1, 2017, on the Nexus!

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Interview with FanGirlNation

Today FanGirlNation runs an interview with me about audiobook narration.  Vicki Mejia-Gewe, a member of the Facebook group Mystery Audiobook Lovers, has been running these interviews, and today features me.  The FB group reviews mystery audiobooks, and I have shared a few of my audiobooks.  Enjoy the read 🙂

FanGirlNation Interview here!

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Dragon Age Voices – Voice Match – Impressions

I finally decided to do this video I’ve been wanting to do for a while.  Since I’m an avid Dragon Age fan, I selected 12 female characters that I can voice match (some better than others) and do a line for each.  The goal of this exercise is to act the character in her voice without using the exact line from the game, just something like it to show their soul.  Several of them have accents.

For those who don’t know the games, you can easily search the names on Youtube for many other videos and see how close I got.  Below are screenshots of the characters, in order of the video.

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Interview: A Tale of Mist and Shadow

Cover audio 300A few days ago, I did an interview with M.R. Laver, author of A Tale of Mist and Shadow, about the audiobook I recently produced, which is now on sale on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.  The interview is now up on the Audiobooks page.  Matthew and I chat about the production of the audiobook, writing, voice acting, and several other topics.  Check it out! 🙂

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A Tale of Mist and Shadow Audiobook

Cover audio 300

I’m so excited that today, my first epic fantasy audiobook hit the market on Audible.com, Amazon.com, and iTunes!  “A Tale of Mist and Shadow” by M.R. Laver deals with the age-old theme of justice, the law, and second chances, all in a fantasy setting.  Wait… what?  Really!  It’s a wonderfully-woven story with vibrant characters, engaging dialogue, breaking stereotypes and plot twists that keep you guessing.

Any PC gamers who play Skyrim with my AnnaNPCs mod and are fans of Mareen, you’ll love this!  The author also played Skyrim, and when I told him about the mod, he wanted to write one of my characters into a bonus chapter in the book!  I offered up Mareen Nightthorn, whom I thought would fit well into his world and his characters, and I was quite pleased with the bonus chapter he wrote.  Yet another reason to buy the audiobook, yes?

I had a wonderful time performing this audiobook, stretching my acting ability, learning a few new accents, and enjoyed working with the author.  Dragons? Yes! Wizards? Yes! Zombies and vampires?  YES, even those too! Grab it from Audible, Amazon.comoriTunes
Listen to the sample below, go to your favorite shop site and click BUY!

Find more of my audiobooks here:

Author Matthew Laver is donating all his profits from the sale of this audiobook to charity:  helping orphan children get adopted.  As this audiobook is profit-share, I only get paid when people buy it, so go to your favorite purchasing site and hit Buy 🙂
Buy on Audible
Buy on Amazon
Buy on iTunes – I’m sorry I cannot provide the direct link to iTunes b/c I cannot install it on my PC, and you can only browse through the application, not from regular internet.  How Dumb is that?

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