A Tale of Mist and Shadow Audiobook

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I’m so excited that today, my first epic fantasy audiobook hit the market on Audible.com, Amazon.com, and iTunes!  “A Tale of Mist and Shadow” by M.R. Laver deals with the age-old theme of justice, the law, and second chances, all in a fantasy setting.  Wait… what?  Really!  It’s a wonderfully-woven story with vibrant characters, engaging dialogue, breaking stereotypes and plot twists that keep you guessing.

Any PC gamers who play Skyrim with my AnnaNPCs mod and are fans of Mareen, you’ll love this!  The author also played Skyrim, and when I told him about the mod, he wanted to write one of my characters into a bonus chapter in the book!  I offered up Mareen Nightthorn, whom I thought would fit well into his world and his characters, and I was quite pleased with the bonus chapter he wrote.  Yet another reason to buy the audiobook, yes?

I had a wonderful time performing this audiobook, stretching my acting ability, learning a few new accents, and enjoyed working with the author.  Dragons? Yes! Wizards? Yes! Zombies and vampires?  YES, even those too! Grab it from Audible, Amazon.comoriTunes
Listen to the sample below, go to your favorite shop site and click BUY!

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Author Matthew Laver is donating all his profits from the sale of this audiobook to charity:  helping orphan children get adopted.  As this audiobook is profit-share, I only get paid when people buy it, so go to your favorite purchasing site and hit Buy 🙂
Buy on Audible
Buy on Amazon
Buy on iTunes – I’m sorry I cannot provide the direct link to iTunes b/c I cannot install it on my PC, and you can only browse through the application, not from regular internet.  How Dumb is that?

About Anna Castiglioni

I am a professional voice actor, voice over artist and author. I specialize in narrating audiobooks, voice acting for video games and animations, and educational voiceover. I'm also a writer of fantasy stories, character scripts, poetry, and lyrics.
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