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AudioInBlood1A few days ago, Secrets In Blood went through final approval with author Patricia D. Eddy, and she was thrilled.  It was probably my favorite audiobook I’ve done so far, (largely because of all the Italian phrases), but also for the whole different outlook on vampires the book presents.  I’ve also agreed to do the next book in the series, Revelations In Blood, which is expected to be completed (meaning, its rewrite), sometime in the summer.

Patricia wrote this wonderful testimony, which is also now on the Testimonies page:

“Anna Castglioni’s performance of Secrets in Blood went above and beyond my expectations. She was able to convey my characters’ emotions so well that I often found myself on the edge of my seat. Through Anna’s voice, I heard my words as if for the first time. She’s easy to work with, has excellent instincts, and added small touches here and there that took the book from wonderful to truly outstanding.”
~Patricia D. Eddy (

AudioCoyoteI also just completed a short audiobook that just went on Audible:  3 Coyote Tales by Gini Graham Scott:  3 folktales as told by Native Americans.  It is targeted toward young audiences and teaches lessons through morals.
Want a free copy?  Contact me!

About Anna Castiglioni

I am a professional voice actor, voice over artist and author. I specialize in narrating audiobooks, voice acting for video games and animations, and educational voiceover. I'm also a writer of fantasy stories, character scripts, poetry, and lyrics.
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