Taking a Look Back

Taking a look back…

I’ve been listening to my published audiobooks again, and ended up doing some self-directing. Should have taken a breath here, slowed down there, emphasized that word there… I find there are sections that just seem too rushed. It’s a bit odd that, out of the 9 titles I have out now, the one I think is best is the very first one I did, where the fast(er) pace I tend to fall into really works for the light-hearted tone.
I know I’ve improved a lot just in the last few months in training  with Such-A-Voice. I’ve always been great with dialogue and voices, but now I’m working more on fixing my narrative pace, not rushing, and really savoring what I’m reading, because I know if I don’t enjoy it, neither will the reader/listener. My next audiobooks (A Killer for the Queen by Shaun Webb, and Secrets In Blood by Patricia D. Eddy) hopefully will be a lot better.
I’m scheduled to record my professional commercial and narrative demos next week, provided my dratted head cold clears up by then (grr!). Looking forward to that! Expect a shameless plug from me in the near future, hehehe 🙂
Happy New Year all!!

About Anna Castiglioni

I am a professional voice actor, voice over artist and author. I specialize in narrating audiobooks, voice acting for video games and animations, and educational voiceover. My books span different subjects from Landscape Architecture to gun safety to fantasy and romance novels.
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