Anna Castiglioni

Anna Castiglioni Blue thmAnna Castiglioni is a voice actress and voice over artist, specializing in audiobooks, video games, and animation.  She also does several other forms of narrative voiceover, including documentary, educational, and podcasting.  With a background in theater acting and writing, Anna has an innate sense of character, tone, and emotion, allowing her to portray many types of characters.  She can read and speak several accents and languages, adding to her plethora of voice over talent.
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Character Demo:

Commercial Demo:

Narration Demo:

Commercial Demo:

Audiobook Demo: Secrets In Blood, Italian vampire romance

As an author, Anna is also writing a series of books on different subjects, both non-fiction and fiction.  See Castle Scribe Books for more info on all her books!

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Anna on Such-A-Voice

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